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Tokia Legends

(760) 994 - 2109

P O Box 5931
Oceanside, CA
United States

(760) 994 - 2109

Welcome to a brand defined by the very strong and motivating motto ‘GET FIT, STAY FIT, BE FIT!’ physically, mentally and emotionally!

Tokia Legends was created by a U.S Marine wife, born in Micronesia, a group of islands in the western Pacific Ocean. The word Tokia refers to ancient chants and stick dances from one of its regions. These stick dances re-enact battles, stories and legends from a culture of seafaring warriors that braved the Pacific Ocean hundreds of years ago.

Tokia is more than a "stick dance." It is a mind-set and a culture of being physically and mentally prepared at all times. The Tokia way of life is centered around a warrior's commitment to master his "body and mind" in anticipation of anything, always ready to adapt and overcome life’s unexpected challenges. Tokia Legends is rooted in these strong ideals. Psychological resilience, modest estimation of one's own worth (humility), and the desire to endure and succeed are a few traits within the Tokia culture that will be carried on through this name.

The people that proudly wear and represent these ideals ARE the Tokia Nation. They are  humble islanders, mixed martial arts fighters, resilient military members and their families, athletes from all walks of life, and communities that identify themselves with the Tokia spirit, helping us  to share and spread this lifestyle.

They truly are the embodiment of our favorite phrase: ‘GET FIT, STAY FIT, BE FIT!’.   Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. They have not only overcome and accomplish a lot, but they are also very involved and willing to reach out and help the others reach their goals.

The Tokia Legends logo is represented by motifs of its traditional roots. It consists of 4 symbols of ocean waves surrounding a North seeking arrow, each wave symbolizing the 4 cardinal points: North, East, South and West.

In traditional Micronesian navigation, waves symbolize the challenges that can often pull a person in a totally different direction. The North seeking arrow however is a set direction. It stands for a destination, a goal or a mark that will never change.

In life, people often get pulled in a different direction by the challenges they face. No matter how nasty winds may become, keep your course, always aim UP and keep to the North arrow. North is always UP so sail hard, sail strong and never GIVE IN!

Let this brand be a reminder and a source of motivation to each and every one of us who has set out on a path for certain goals.  Let us represent it proudly, spreading the message of never giving in. Keep fighting to reach your destination, no matter the obstacles and hardships of life! Live in the Tokia Legends spirit!

Stay the course, and keep your head up, my friends!

Tokia Legends



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